One of the nation’s earliest public housing neighborhoods faces a rebuild. These are the personal stories of the people who call it home.

Episode 1

On Front Street

Justin joins a community meeting, where he's put squarely and unexpectedly "on Front Street" by residents just as curious about his perspectives as he is about theirs. 

[photo: Justin Glanville / ideastream]

Episode 2

Waking Up in History

The quest for a new bathtub results in a Woodhill resident standing up for her neighbors; a driver who moved out of public housing for the sake of her children still misses the community she found there; a formerly homeless musician grateful for his current situation but ready for it to be over. Stories of moving in and out of public housing. Woodhill resident Jeanette Marbley joins Justin as cohost.

[photo: Justin Glanville / ideastream]

Episode 3

How to Start

When you live in public housing, finding a job can be great, but it can also feel costly, in more ways than one. Justin and Jeanette follow a line cook to a job interview and drop in on a group of residents who want to start a laundry co-op.

[photo: Mary Fecteau / ideastream]

Episode 4

It's About Being Ready

A home health aide striving to eat healthier and lose weight introduces Justin to the wonders of green grapes; a community organizer remembers a friend whose work continues to uplift even though his life was claimed by gun violence.

[photo: Justin Glanville / ideastream]

Episode 5

Go Be Brave

Almost half the residents of Woodhill are kids under the age 17. Justin and Jeanette drop in on a dress rehearsal for a kids’ theater group. Plus, Justin gets some advice on fatherhood from a couple of dads.

[photo: Justin Glanville / ideastream]

Episode 6

All We Need To Do Is Get Together

After being passed over for a competitive federal grant to rebuild Woodhill in 2020, administrators are gearing up for a second try. In this public conversation, we look at what will happen if they’re successful – and what will happen if they’re not.

[photo: City Architecture]

Inside the Bricks: Woodhill Homes, an ideastream podcast, focuses on one of the nation’s earliest public housing neighborhoods on the eve of a planned rebuild. It's made possible by a grant from the Saint Luke's Foundation. Inside the Bricks is the first season of a planned series that will tell in-depth stories of Northeast Ohio’s people in the places they live and work, and in their own words.

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Special thanks to the residents of Woodhill Homes.

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